Journal papers: 

Blasques, J. P., Bitsche, R., Fedorov, V., & Lazarov, B. S. (2015). Accuracy of an efficient framework for structural analysis of wind turbine blades. Wind Energy. (in press). Download validation examples.

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Blasques, J. P., & Stolpe, M. (2012). Multi-material topology optimization of laminated composite beam cross sections. Composite Structures, 94, 3278-3289

Conference papers and presentations:

Bak, C., Bitsche, R., Yde, A., Kim, T., Hansen, M.H., Zahle, F., Gaunaa, M., Blasques, J.P., Døssing, M., Wedel Heinen, J. & Behrens, T., 2012. Light Rotor: The 10-MW reference wind turbine. Proceedings of EWEA 2012 - European Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition, Copenhagen.

Robert Bitsche (2012), BECAS - An open-source cross section analysis tool. Presented at the DTU Wind Energy stand at EWEA2012, Copenhagen. (download)

Blasques, J. P., Bitsche, R., Fedorov, V., & Eder, M. A. (2013). Applications of the BEam Cross section Analysis Software (BECAS). In A. Logg, K‐A. Mardal, & A. Massing (Eds.), Proceedings of the 26th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics. (pp. 46‐49) (download)

Reports and manuals:

José Pedro Blasques (2011), Optimal design of laminated composite beams. Ph.D. Thesis - DCAMM Special Report S134. (download)

Gallardo C. (2013). New layered finite element formulations for BECAS. MSc Thesis, Department of Wind Energy, Technical University of Denmark (available upon request).

Branner K, Blasques JP, Kim T, Fedorov V, Berring P, Bitsche R, Berggreen C. (2012), Anisotropic beam model for analysis and design of passive controlled wind turbine blades. In Technical Report DTU Wind Energy. (download)