The BECAS software package

Beam models are computationally far more efficient than their shell or solid model counterparts when modeling long, slender structures. However, beam models require cross section stiffness properties as parameters, which can be difficult to determine.

BECAS, the BEam Cross section Analysis Software, determines cross section stiffness properties using a finite element based approach. BECAS handles arbitrary cross section geometries, any number of arbitrarily oriented anisotropic materials, and correctly accounts for all geometrical and material induced couplings (e.g. bend-twist coupling).

BECAS workflow 

Figure 1 - BECAS workflow when used in for aeroelastic analysis of wind turbine blades.

A typical workflow for wind turbine blade design and analysis is presented in Figure 1 where BECAS is used in two steps:

  • As a pre-processor to wind turbine aeroelastic simulation codes to determine the stiffness and mass properties of the beam finite elements representing the blades.
  • As a post-processor for analysing stresses, fractures, among other, based on the the loads from the aeroelastic simulation.

BECAS has been validated extensively and comes with a comprehensive user’s manual. 

BECAS is distributed as MATLAB® source code compatible with Octave.